Stainless Valve Company

Stainless Valve Company

The SVC Advantage: SVC manufactures valves specific to the customer application. With a wide range of products and custom design, SVC can design a valve to perform to customer expectations in most applications where standard valves will not. The basic design principle allows SVC engineers to design an application specific product that will alleviate the customer’s most difficult valve issues.

The SVC Stargate-O- Port® valves can be used in a variety of applications where standard valves do not perform or cause operational issues. SVC Stargate-O- Port® valves are used as isolation valves on process gas in PTA manufacturing, mixing pumps, bleaching towers, batch digesters, continuous digesters, blow tanks, washers, stock pumps, liquor heaters, liquor supply lines, lime storage bins, recovery boiler, green liquor, pulp storage tanks, manifolds for high consistency stock, fly ash bins, filling valves on reactors, catalyst recycling reactors, etc. SVC Stargate-O- Port® valves are best suited in applications where solid matter can be trapped in the seat area or the bottom of the valve, the process fluid is abrasive or corrosive, and where the process material can adhere to valve parts. This is where the advantages of the SVC Stargate-O- Port® valves become very apparent. Since the blade passes through the valve body at both ends, no material can get trapped between the blade and seat so that the valve always seats and seals well. Stargate-O- Port® valves offer safe sealing and long service life which keeps maintenance and replacement costs down.


What Is A SVC Stargate-O- Port® Valve? What Are The Advantages?

The main characteristic of this type of valve, also called slide-gate valve or through-port valve is the well guided blade passing through both ends of the valve body, having an orifice in the middle of the blade. This basic concept has a series of advantages:

  • The valves are the superior choice for handling solids in flow media. Liquid, gas and solid flow media or combinations thereof are all handled well by the Stargate O-Port® valve.
  • Proper actuation of the valve is guaranteed. No material gets trapped in the bottom of the valve, thus there is no opportunity for accumulated solid material to hinder actuation.
  • The valves have a drip-tight shut-off, independent of the pressure differential between upstream and downstream side of the valve.
  • The valves do not require maintenance of any kind including lubrication.
  • The valves can be used as shut-off valves, flow control valves and line blinds.
  • Even in a partially open position the valves have a straight flow direction, different from ball valves where the flow is re-directed twice.
  • Short face to face dimension, a fraction of the space requirement of a ball valves in the flow direction.
  • Foreign matter does not get jammed between the gate and the body. This prevents seat damage so that the valves always seat and seals well.
  • Long leak free operation, through the valve and the valve body.
  • Pressure shock waves, aggressive flow media are well handled by these valves.
  • The valves can be installed in any position in the pipe; they do not have a preferential flow direction.
  • Over 97% of the body thickness is solid material, resulting in a very stiff valve body. 3% or less are the gaps between the blade and the side plates.